Educational Institution Development & Reform: Overview

America is coming to grips with the need to modernize its system of public education. Models which evolved to serve the needs of an industrial economy are now neither appropriate nor effective in our globalized information-based economy. Emerging and highly promising models of reform include community-wide mission and operational alignment, small learning communities, integrated curricula, and career orientation. Catalyst's mission is to participate in the national conversation in a manner that promotes the refinement and effective application of these new models. Capitol City Careers, a project of Catalyst, is working with the District of Columbia School System to develop Career Academies in the City's Public High Schools. Our strategy employs all of these techniques. We are engaged in Philadelphia in assisting with the establishment of a Ford Foundation funded reform initiative. Our work in Washington, DC also includes the establishment of a research institute to address minority participation rates in science and math, and an academic center for excellence in science and math in one of the City's feeder patterns.

Current Initiatives: