Lookup DC Kiosk

A work-in-progress, the objective of the Lookup DC project is the creation of an online, user-friendly, interactive career-exploration tool. Ultimately, we are providing DC youth, specifically high-schoolers, with a useful tool that will enable them to learn about and identify potential careers. The primary functionality of the site stems from its searchable database that facilitates users unsure of their career goals, as well as those with more specific, well-defined interests and objectives.

Lookup offers its service free of charge, with added benefits of membership including advance search features and individually tailored career pages. The site’s creative design and fluid architecture seeks to entertain and empower the children without overwhelming them. An imaginative yet uncertain youth can use advanced search features that allow him/her to navigate through search criteria in a train-of-thought, free association manner- from mathematics to statistician to baseball team accountant and so on.

Site utility emerges from the imagination of the child. Specific results will contain general occupational information, sample resumes, interview clips, related local opportunities, grants, scholarships, charted career paths, salary information, individual profiles, etc. The site is at an intermediate stage of development and will continue to evolve.