Project GRAD

Project GRAD is the closest thing to a magic bullet that exists in public education reform today. It is a capacity building tool that empowers teachers, students, administrators, parents, businesses, the community, and even suppliers to play their part in the delivery of high quality education in settings where hopelessness had long ago set in and taken over. It leaves bright smiling children in its wake and brings tears to the eyes of parents. It makes the hearts of teachers sing! And it does all this by investing in the people and the processes and the systems that are already in place: investing not only dollar resources, but also heavy doses of accountability, discipline, mutual respect, high expectations, vision, and hope.

Project GRAD is a comprehensive, cost-effective program with a record of improving the academic achievement of students from low-income backgrounds. Project GRAD’s integrated approach to teaching and learning hinges on the five pillars of its structural approach: Mathematics, Literacy, Classroom Management, Social Services/Parent Involvement, and The High School Program.

Public education, especially for the poor, is necessary for the success of our democracy, that individuals might effectively exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Disparities and divisions in our society will deepen, and the future of our democracy in its broadest, most embracing sense, will fail if the national commitment to public education wanes and its promise is not fulfilled. Project GRAD with its focus on low performing schools is one of the best lines of defense we have against this outcome.