Capitol City Career Development & Job Training Partnership

The mission of Capitol City Careers is to help create a platform for the evolution of an excellent system of public education in the Nation's capital by the establishment of career academies in Washington DC 's junior and senior high schools. These academies will incorporate proven design criteria for effective school reform: integrated curricula within small learning communities providing a career focus targeted to the local economy. Recognizing that our modern economy requires a commitment to lifelong learning, these academies will merge vocational education with academic preparation in a manner designed to ensure that all children are prepared for college as well as for the world of work. DC local industry, of course, is the Federal Government, with all its associated economic activity - law firms, lobbyists, contractors, public relations firms, think tanks, national and international associations, etc. We will serve as agents to bring local employers to the table to ensure the development of an integrated curriculum that will adequately address their workforce needs, encourage students to choose career paths that lead to employment in the federal sector, and increase their access to employment opportunities at higher skill levels throughout the local economy. Very committed individuals and organizations have been engaged for many years in efforts to build a system of public education in the Nation's Capital that is characterized by excellence. Every conceivable possibility has been considered over the years, and the interest in improving the quality of the system is intense at all levels. Our mission is to foster alignment within the reform movement around the principles we have articulated, acting as catalysts in the process of enabling the community finally to achieve its goals of educational excellence.

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