Hill Top Campus

Catalyst proposes to establish a neighborhood-based child development and life-long learning center in Northeast Washington, DC. The Hilltop Campus currently supports Spingarn High School, Phelps Vocational High School, Browne Junior High School, and Young Elementary School. Overlooking a golf course and the Potomac River, this educational campus affords a magnificent opportunity to create a comprehensive, neighborhood–based child development and life-long learning center that will ensure that the educational, recreational, health and social services needs of the community and the children who attend these schools are being met.

This project will promote: 1) K-12 alignment and curriculum that enhance student learning and achievement; 2) ready access to vital health and social services for students and their families; 3) greater collaboration between parents and the professionals who interact daily with their children; 4) a team approach that enables educators and health and social services professionals to work together to better address the needs of each individual child; and 5) establishment of a community hub for family-related activities.

This center will eliminate the current logistical inefficiencies associated with managing geographically dispersed portfolios, saving the costs associated with duplicative facilities, records, staff, and other resources. Moreover, this neighborhood-based facility will greatly reduce the complexity and time constraints that parents face in obtaining needed services for their children. Additionally, campus facilities will be open after school hours, providing a valuable community resource for recreation, tutorial services, meetings, training, and other adult or family-oriented activities. These strategies promise to enhance the physical, emotional, and social health of students and families as well as support student learning. Attainment of these goals will be measured through student test scores and grades, improved school attendance rates, and increased student engagement in recreational as well as academic programs. Additionally, by providing comprehensive instructional, recreational, health, and social services on this neighborhood-based campus, this initiative will make it possible for children and their parents to spend more time together and strengthen their sense of community.