National Conversation on the Arts

The mission of the NCA is fourfold: to put the arts first, establish art as a necessity, greatly increase the value that society assigns to the arts, and inculcate the arts into all aspects of life in America. The unique capacity of the arts to put us in touch with ourselves dictates that we give the arts greater centrality in this phase of our democracy. Demystifying the arts, making the arts an integral part of everyone’s daily life, artist advocacy, discussing the relationship of economics, art and politics, promoting arts in education, proposing arts-advancing legislation—The NCA will support, enhance, and nurture these and other strategies in pursuit of its mission.

The Conversation was launched on June 29, 2004 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, DC where we articulated our vision, established initial goals and formulated a plan of action. Our effort is to highlight the need and create the opportunities for America to hear the voice of the artist in all its dimensionality: a source of power, a source of understanding, a source of inspiration, and a thing of beauty.