Complexity Forum


Solutions for Complex Social Systems

Catalyst is a group of experts in education, housing and community development, economic strategy, and public policy. We bring to the table years of experience in the operational techniques of business, government, academia, and non-profit organizations. More importantly, we employ an approach to systems analysis, problem solving, and development which is based on the system's possibilities, not on its limitations or its past performance.

Our commitment is to assist our clients in identifying, and then in creating the conditions necessary to realize those possibilities. Our techniques involve generating new partnerships and new ways of thinking, while building on what is, with the intention that solutions will be taken to scale. Our focus is on large systems to which the resources of government, business, foundations, and community institutions can cooperatively be brought to bear.

Initiative Concentrations:

  1. Arts and Society
  2. Educational Institution Development and Reform
  3. Community and Economic Development
  4. Strategic Policy Design and Implementation